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Recently I have joined the development team of a new and upcoming social media app called Rewind App. I currently manage the backend infrastructure, cybersecurity solutions, performance, web applications, and marketing, as well as actively developing code for the app with the main developer.  

What is Rewind App?

Done with big tech censorship? No problem – we have you covered. Here at Rewind we won’t shadow ban, hide, suppress, or mark your content if it goes against what we stand for. Rewind allows anyone to say or post what’s on their mind with no repercussions. 

Rewind App is the next major social media platform, rivaling Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but without censorship, data collection, third party tracking, and selling user data. In short, Rewind App is the censorship free, privacy oriented social media platform of tomorrow, providing a high quality destination accepting of all individuals and viewpoints, without penalizing our users for expressing their opinions or viewpoints. 

We are currently preparing to being testing of the Alpha version of Rewind App with select pre-registered users by the end of December 2021. To get on board and gain access to the app, pre-register as a alpha tester by visiting the registration site below, and watch your email for further information and follow up! 

For media & press requests, please contact me directly and I will be happy to answer any questions, interview, or provide additional information at your convenience.
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